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Collection: Eau de parfum

As always we strive to provide quality and value across our brand. We wanted to produce long lasting fragrance without the heavy price tag. Our fragrances range between 20-30% parfum, in which we are confident outweigh the industry standard 10-15% for any eau de parfum on the market. Typically you will find 

  • Eau de Parfum – Concentration of perfume oils – 10-15%
  • Eau de Toilette – Concentration of perfume oils – 5-10%
  • Eau de Cologne – Concentration of perfume oils – 2-5%
  • Eau Fraîche – Concentration of perfume oils – 1-3%

All our eau de parfum fragrances have been tested and approved safe for Cosmetic use by certified laboratory testing. 

Disclaimer: Please note that our products and their description/labelling are for your guidance only. Our products should not be mistaken for a High Street brand. Our products are alternative fragrances and  Our versions are not to be confused with any other brand. Scentaholic has no affiliation with the manufacturers or designers.

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