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Asevi detergentwash gel Marsella - French soap 42 washes -

Asevi detergentwash gel Marsella - French soap 42 washes

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Discover the essence of Marseille with Asevi Detergent Gel Marsella  Immerse your fabrics in the timeless charm of traditional French soap, as this powerful detergent gel leaves your clothes impeccably clean and subtly fragranced. The unique formula tackles stains effectively while maintaining the integrity of your fabrics. Elevate your laundry routine with the authentic aroma of French soap, ensuring a refreshing and invigorating experience every wash. Transform your clothes into a fragrant symphony of cleanliness with Asevi Detergent Gel Marsella French Soap

Detergent super-concentrate.
All type of clothes.
Radiating whiteness.
Colours protected for impeccable cleaning.

Also available in sizzlers, room linen spray, wax melt, fabric conditioner, multipurpose cleaner