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Asevi laundry perfume pink -

Asevi laundry perfume pink

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The Asevi range of laundry perfumes means that you can really enjoy an explosion of intense and super-long lasting fragrance on your clothes.

The new fragrance booster laundry perfume is a result of an exclusive combination of premium fragrances, which are more sophisticated and equipped with the latest technology to release fragrance for weeks.

Ideal for adding fragrance to all types of clothing, towels, sportswear, synthetics, and all garments for which the use of fabric softener is not recommended.

– It is not a fabric softener; therefore, its mission is to fragrance clothes.

– You can use it with or without fabric softener:

Combined with your usual Asevi fabric softener, you will enjoy soft clothes with an extra freshness and a more intense and long-lasting fragrance.

Without fabric softener, your clothes will be scented with an incredible fragrance.


Step 1. Pour the desired dose of fragrance booster into the softener compartment.

Step 2. For optimum softness, use it together with your usual Asevi fabric softener, adding the fragrance booster first.

Step 3. Run your usual washing cycle and enjoy the extraordinary and long-lasting fragrance.