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Romar Ocean breeze concentrated fabric softener -

Romar Ocean breeze concentrated fabric softener

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Dive into the freshness of Romar Ocean Breeze Fabric Softener, a rejuvenating solution that transforms your laundry into a sea-kissed haven. Immerse your garments in the invigorating scent of a gentle ocean breeze, leaving them not only luxuriously soft but also infused with a crisp, clean fragrance.

Romar Ocean Breeze Fabric Softener is designed to provide exceptional softness, making your clothes a pleasure to wear. The advanced formula ensures effective fabric care, maintaining the vibrancy and integrity of your fabrics with every wash.

Let the calming scent of an ocean breeze linger on your clothes, creating a serene ambiance that lasts throughout the day.

Double concentrated formulation (1=2). To be used diluted or undiluted, more economical and ecological. It gives an incredible softness and lasting clean freshness to your laundry. 1 Bottle lasts 80 washes.